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What ratio is Big Tex Vapor Shop's e-liquid?


Our house juice is a perfect blend for tanks AND drippers, at 70/30


How often should I replace my atomizer?


It can vary based upon how frequently you use your device, but generally we recommend changing out your atomizer every 2 to 4 weeks for best flavor and vapor production.


How long should my bottle of e-juice keep?


The shelf life of the e-juice we make is about 1 year. Several factors contribute to the change of color of your e-juice over time, time spent steeping (this is how long since the bottle was made), temperature (what temperature the e-juice is normally stored at), and exposure to sunlight. Usually, e-juice will take between 1 week and 1 month to reach its full flavor and normal color. Fresh-made e-juice tends to grow stronger in flavor between the first few days and 1 week.


My juice tastes burnt! What went wrong?


More often than not, the main culprit in burnt tasting juice is a result of an old atomizer that needs to be changed. If your device does not have a replaceable atomizer, the clearomizer (or tank) needs to be replaced all together. Other situations such as, voltage/watts being set to high on your device (if applicable), can cause you e-juice to taste burnt. Not every e-liquid vapes exactly the same, so you should consider your voltage/wattage when vaping a new flavor.


My E-cig is leaking juice, how can I fix it?


When you e-cig begins leaking juice it is important to first figure out where the leak is coming from. If the liquid is coming out of the bottom of the clearomiser/tank/cartridge and is leaking into where the battery and the tank connect, the problem is usually associated with a worn or defective atomizer. Replacing the atomizer and thoroughly cleaning/drying the tank should correct the issue. If the juice is coming out of the side of the tank, more often than not, the tank needs to be replaced. If you have a tank that disassembles, you should break it down to as many pieces that unscrew from each other and clean and dry any O-rings it has. If juice is coming from the mouthpiece (i.e. getting into your mouth), the issues lies within the internal seals of the clearomizer/tank. You can replace the atomizer and clean your tank to remedy this issue.


I charged my e-cig all the way but it dies quickly! What's wrong?


One of three issues may be present. First, ensure that the inside connector on your e-cig is completely clean and dry. Residual e-juice in the well where the battery and the tank meet can cause the device to not properly charge. Be sure to clean out the connector on your e-cig occasionally to prevent this issue. Second, most e-cig batteries are rated for about 300 charge cycles (about 6 months to a year depending on how frequently you run your battery out of life) and past the charge cycle allocation batteries tend to under perform compared to a brand new one. This can be either a shortening of battery life or a decrease in overall voltage output. Consider replacing the battery when this occurs. Lastly, the charger may be dirty or defective. Clean or replace the charger if all other solutions do not improve the battery life of your device.


My atomizer is worn out and I just replaced it, what went wrong?


Typically this is caused by the device being activated when you were unaware of it. This can happen if the e-cig is stored in a bag, purse, or pocket. You should always turn off your e-cig before storing it while you are not using it or transporting it. You can press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession to turn on or off your battery. Extended periods of use without any airflow can cause the atomizers to prematurely wear out. In rare cases, it is possible to receive a genuinely defective atomizer, but these will generally fail within the first day 24 full hours of use.