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Important E-cig topics for Denton Texas

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What's new at North Texas Vapor Shop? We will be discussing City ordinance's, Best of Denton and Facebook giveaway

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Please take a moment and vote "NO" for the question Should e-cigarettes be banned in the same locations where smoking is banned.

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  As users of Vapor products, we understand why society wants tobacco use to stop. We at North Texas Vapor Shop can help people kick the habit. We see it everyday another customer steps down their nicotine level, and many have accomplished a Zero nicotine level with use of our products. North Texas Vapor wants to continue serving the community in a positive way. We have always treated vapor as an age restrictive product refusing sale to minors since day one, and we will continue to do so. Help us by encouraging others to make the switch and not by...

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One News Reporter's Take on Electronic Cigarettes

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Kelly Ogle offers up a refreshing perspective on electronic cigarettes in his segment "My 2 Cents" on

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North Texas Vapor Shop Responds to the Industry's Negative Publicity

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Mollie Jamison, senior journalist at University of North Texas, takes a misleading approach to electronic cigarette industry In her article  "Smoke alternatives need puff of regulation". Mollie is quick to point out there are no age restrictions mandated by federal law at this time, but she fails to recognize some shops already care and are already regulating themselves. It is a sad day when journalist attack an industry providing thousands of jobs, and a better alternative to lighting up a cigarette or dipping snuff.  Maybe she should have got in touch with CASAA or the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group before she...

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Take a Virtual Tour of the Shop

Jeremy Speight dallas denton ecig healthy kit north quit smoking shop smoke-free starter texas vape vapor

Take a look at North Texas Vapor Shop with this virtual tour. There are plenty of sights to take in; from beautiful saltwater fish to vaping supplies. Feel free to come lounge with us!

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