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One News Reporter's Take on Electronic Cigarettes

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Kelly Ogle offers up a refreshing perspective on electronic cigarettes in his segment "My 2 Cents" on If only more media took the same stance, maybe we could relax and not worry so much about how our local and federal governments react to this life altering product.    

Here at North Texas Vapor Shop, we hear a new story everyday from customers about how their new electronic cigarette is changing their life. The comments range from no more smell of smoke in clothes and hair, to I feel like I can breath again, and this personal vaporizer has saved my life. These stories help not only encourage us to bring our customers the best level of service and product, but also help other understand the advantages of switching to the ecig.

So Help someone new today share how your ego battery helped you, leave a comment review about your favorite juice for someone trying to find their own favorite flavor, but most of all share your experience. Your comment and opinion may change a life. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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